From Ethel, Phi Sigma Sigma Founder...

Founder Ethel Gordon Kraus reflects on her membership in Phi Sigma Sigma in Oct. 1933, as the organization celebrates 20 years of sisterhood

Dear Sorors: Twenty years now look down upon the charter members of our Fraternity. In our hopeful "teens' in November, 1913, little did we realize how well we were building for the future. Now, in our late and somewhat mellowed thirties, we see our numerous chapters in colleges scattered throughout the length and breadth of our land.

Looking back, we only think of the very many happy hours we've had together. Our early efforts, our constant strivings to become firmly organized and now two decades later, we are as strong as the rock of Gibraltar! How wonderful it has all been!

As for myself, I am looking forward to the day with much anticipation when I shall enjoy again my pleasant days in Phi Sigma Sigma through my little girl's membership. Although only in the fourth term at Hunter High School, she, too, looks forward to the day some years hence when she may be invited to join.

Incidentally, and I say it very proudly, she will be the first daughter of a charter member-unless the somewhat older daughter of Lillian Gordon Alpern, another Founder and my sister, enters a college with a Phi Sig Chapter first. Then the Fraternity will be able to boast of becoming a grandparent. If my little daughter has only a small part of the fun and friendship we old-time chaters knew, she is still in for a grand and glorious time.

Time moves ruthlessly on with us, but our affection for Phi Sigma Sigma knows no bounds or limits.

May it ever be so!

Fraternally yours,
Ethel Gordon Kraus
Alpha, '15