Aim High Volunteer Training

Phi Sigma Sigma's signature program for alumnae volunteers

Aim High Volunteer Training is an exciting, interactive and comprehensive program specially designed to prepare chapter advisors, advisory boards and other alumnae volunteers for their critically important roles supporting the success of our collegiate chapters and, ultimately, the advancement of our international organization.

Phi Sigma Sigma is proud to make this investment on behalf of our dedicated volunteers, who are truly the backbone of our sisterhood and who work on the "front lines" acting as guides, mentors and friends to collegiate and alumnae members alike – as well as key partners to our HQ staff.

Program Components

  • Online training, such as self-guided sessions (called "modules"), where participants review Fraternity-focused and skills-based learning materials and demonstrate proficiency and comprehension in key areas
  • Onsite training, such as at Phi Sigma Sigma’s highly rated annual Leadership Conferences and biennial Conclaves, and
  • Specialized training as deemed necessary (i.e., risk management), including the use of webinars, audioconferences and emerging communications technologies.

Online Modules

To ensure Phi Sigma Sigma’s alumnae leaders, advisory boards and staff continually have the latest tools and updated information required for peak performance, all volunteers and personnel must complete the online training component annually (by June 30). Currently, there are six modules*:
  • Chapter Excellence Accreditation
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Fraternity Constitution
  • Fraternity Education
  • Fraternity Policies
  • Strategic and Operations Plans
*Note: Phi Sigma Sigma supports continuing education and lifelong learning. New modules are in development. To learn more or offer suggestions, contact us.

As an exclusive, signature program of Phi Sigma Sigma, Aim High’s online training component must be accessed through the “sisters only” section of our website:
  • Log into your Phi Sigma Sigma account. Problems? Contact us.
  • Click here to be linked to the Aim High - Volunteer Training page of our website.
  • Next, you’ll see a customized list of programs (called “modules”) which you are designated to complete, based on your volunteer role.
  • When you click on a module (i.e., Fraternity education, Policies, etc.), any resources associated with that training will automatically be provided for your review. You can save and download these resources for future reference.
  • Once you’ve reviewed the materials, you can elect to take the test by clicking the link found at the bottom of that page. Note: You are permitted and encouraged to consult any of the reference materials during the test to increase your familiarity with the documents.
  • You can choose to take the tests all at once or individually, as time permits. (Just be sure to complete all.) Average length of time to complete each module: 30-40 minutes.
  • Each test features 10 questions. You must answer all 10 to complete the process.
  • A minimum of 8 questions (80%) must be answered correctly in order to earn a "passing" status. If this threshold is not met, you will be given a second opportunity. Note that a 5-day moratorium automatically goes into effect if the test is not passed the second time (permitting further study and preparation), after which the test may be taken again.
  • For maximum convenience, our corps of volunteers worldwide will be prompted annually to participate in online training via e-mail reminders.
The Aim High Volunteer Training program is rapidly developing...stay tuned for updates and new developments! 

Questions? Suggestions? Contact the Aim High Volunteer Training team.