Health, Safety & Security

Some of our chapters live in Phi Sigma Sigma-owned residential housing, some live in University-owned houses or dormitories and some have only meeting spaces on or off campus.

Official house is recognized by Phi Sigma Sigma and a university and is operated under the NHC (National Housing Corporation) or the LHC (Local Housing Corporation).  Policies are put in place by the chapter, voted on by the entire chapter and considered part of the chapter's constitution and policies.  The house residents will only consist of Phi Sigma Sigma members.  Chapters with an official house or chapter suite (in dorms, if applicable) will have a house manager as an office position within the chapter that acts as a liaison between the LHC/NHC/university and the chapter with regards to housing matters.  Phi Sigma Sigma policies must followed in any official Phi Sigma Sigma house, including no alcohol or illegal drugs.

The women have official documents to sign acknowledging housing and so forth as required by the organization.  Each year, the archon must complete a housing verification form and submit to HQ as required by Chapter Excellence.

All Phi Sigma Sigma housing facilities are fully insured by MJ Insurance. Its website provides additional safety and security information for our members and chapters.

Parents should insure their daughter’s clothing, furnishings and electronic equipment through their own homeowner’s insurance policy or an additional renter’s policy. In the event of a loss at a Phi Sigma Sigma chapter house, the Fraternity policy would reimburse only the member’s deductible expense.