Licensed Trademarks

Phi Sigma Sigma is the exclusive owner of its trademarks. In order to safeguard the appropriate use of our federally registered trademarks and to guarantee quality products, Phi Sigma Sigma is one of many Greek organizations that have entered into a trademark licensing agreement with Affinity Marketing Consultants (AMC). All commercial use of Phi Sigma Sigma’s trademarks must be administered through a license agreement with Phi Sigma Sigma.

We encourage members of Phi Sigma Sigma to support our organization and buy exclusively from officially licensed Phi Sigma Sigma vendors. All official vendors are screened for high quality products and good customer service.

To shop for official Phi Sigma Sigma products, visit our 
entire list of licensed vendors to access a network of vendors and get multiple quotes for your custom order needs.

When shopping for Phi Sigma Sigma merchandise, look for this logo:

Phi Sigma Sigma has trademarked its insignia, logo, greek letters and phrases to ensure proper use and to protect the image and reputation of the Fraternity. All companies or invididuals must be licensed before they are permitted to incorporate any of the Phi Sigma Sigma insignia into merchandise or promotional pieces.

For more information on licensing or becoming a licensed vendor, contact Michelle Ardern, Executive Director at