Phi Program

The structure of the Phi Program is intentionally built to maximize the use of your time and effort. Each channel of communication is meant to either deliver information, spark conversation, inspire reflection and/or facilitate friendship among the newest members of your chapter. Understanding the purpose of each component is something you should discuss and emphasize to new members.

The six online learning modules are built to include a combination of video, text and reflective questions. The information is organized by the four themes of The Creed: servant leadership, friendship and sisterhood, advancement of womanhood and perpetuity of the Fraternity. Online content is meant to be completed ahead of the in-person meeting each week. As SDC, you will be provided a dashboard where you can monitor the progress of each of your new members. Information about how to access the online program is provided in the back of the guidebook.

Each of the six in-person meetings will follow the same format. Content for each module is guided through instructions, help text and lead-in statements. Meeting space should be arranged in a way that encourages conversations and allows for the execution of each activity. In some cases you may need to use hallway space. Meetings are built to be scheduled once a week (request an alternate schedule from HQ if your college/university requires a new member period less than 6 weeks). Each meeting should last 90-180 minutes. PowerPoint templates and activity handouts are provided.

Rituals and opportunities to make connections with one another and the rest of the chapter will be coordinated outside of the in-person meeting at your discretion. Scheduling and coordination with the executive board and executive council is required.

We seek to connect with potential new members during recruitment and through Phinding Connections events, new members will be given the opportunity to strengthen relationships with active sisters and other members of the community.

The sisterhood we promise and promote during recruitment is founded on a need and desire to develop a sense of belonging on your campus, in the chapter and among an intimate group of sisters. As a part of the Phi Program, you will facilitate these connections through intentional formal and informal events. It is widely accepted that your chapter strives to be an exceptional hostess to potential new members during the formal/informal recruitment process. However, it should also be expected that we foster the same spirit during the entire length of the new member program.