Chapter Expectations

In the 2016-2017 academic year, the chapter services team evaluated the Chapter Excellence program and the overall requirements for our collegiate chapters. Through staff discussion and collegian/alumnae feedback, it was our goal to clearly define our expectations for Phi Sigma Sigma collegiate chapters without overburdening our sisters or duplicating
campus accreditation programs. We believe this program does just that.

Eliminating Points for Criterion
In the previous program, a point value was assigned to each criterion. We have eliminated all point values since we are expecting all criterion to be met by set deadlines. Chapters will be scored on a “met” or “unmet” scale. If all expectations are met, the chapter will be given a mark of good standing. Failure to meet criteria will result in a review by the chapter
services representative. As always, our goal is better communication between collegians, advisors and the chapter services representative. If acriterion cannot be met by the deadline, it is best to communicate with your contact at Phi Sigma Sigma HQ prior to the due date.

Eliminating Bronze, Silver and Gold Chapters
After much discussion, this program will eliminate bronze, silver and gold chapter awards. Moving forward, chapters will be considered either accredited or not accredited with HQ. Chapters will have the opportunity to be recognized for their accomplishments outside of the Chapter Excellence program. We encourage you to share your accomplishments with
your chapter services representative, visiting leadership development consultant or the awards committee. Questions regarding the awards process can be directed to

Increased Dialogue Between Staff and Collegians/Advisors
One goal of this year’s program is to increase communication between chapters and HQ staff. The previous “check a box” mentality was not giving our team the full picture of the experience within a chapter. In this program, officers will participate in planning and review calls for major milestones within a chapter (officer transition, pre-recruitment, postrecruitment, post-new member period). It is our goal that this shift will display the successes and building opportunities
within each chapter.

Scribe Resources
Along with the Chapter Expectations chart, we have designed a user-friendly checklist for collegiate officers. This resource outlines Chapter Expectations in chronological order for planning purposes. 

All questions regarding the program or deadlines can be directed towards your chapter services representative. Diokete Hupsala!