Mary Papamarkou

‘Why I give’

Foundation Donor Mary Papamarkou

Gamma Nu ’90, Rutgers University – New Brunswick

Mary PapamarkouMary Papamarkou is a successful investment executive, a “road warrior” who travels for work an incredible 49 weeks a year, a woman who truly enjoys service and philanthropy projects, and a loyal donor to our Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation.

This past Founders’ Day, she pledged $1,913 – one of the largest donations by far -- to the Foundation’s 2008 “$19.13 Campaign.” That’s in addition to many generous gifts of varying amounts she’s given over the years – starting, as she recalls, with small donations of just $25 after college.

Different ways to give

“It’s important to explore the different kinds of investments we can make in our lives and the lives of others,” says Mary, managing director of national accounts for prestigious, Los Angeles-based Hotchkis and Wiley Capital Management.

“Whether we can give time or resources – and yes, sometimes ‘resources’ means money, but not always – we can all give of ourselves in ways that benefit the future,” she adds.

“I donate to our Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation as a way to give back to the organization that supported me and helped me become the woman I am today.”

Giving means more

Like many of us, Mary isn’t always able to volunteer time or donate funds to causes she cares about. She’s busy – but admits she’s stayed close to our sisterhood through the years, assisting recently as a member of our investment committee.

“The Phi Sigma Sigma women I know are pretty amazing, which is one of the reasons I believe a sorority experience beyond our undergraduate years is critically important," she says.

“Sometimes we may forget how Phi Sigma Sigma shaped our future and helped create some of our closest friendships,” she adds. “But we should try to remember and honor its importance in our lives.

“I love giving back to Phi Sigma Sigma – an organization that creates so much promise for the future for so many women, and did so much for me."