Why Plan for Recruitment?

The 5Ps of Planning for Recruit

The 5Ps are very simple - Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. As all collegiate officers and advisors out there know, our members spend countless hours planning sisterhoods, formals, recruitment activities, initiation and much more. We all know that in order to "perform" to the best of our ability, we need to have a proper plan in place.

"Our recruitment success level relies heavily on the amount of pre-planning that is done,"
said Membership Recruitment Chairman Jordan Kranick from the Iota Zeta chapter at the University of Minnesota - Duluth, when asked how her chapter was so successful during recruitment this semester. Planning for recruitment creates a less stressful experience for sisters during recruitment. There are those situations that you cannot control, but you can have a plan for how you will react and what actions you will take to resolve the problem.

During the planning process for recruitment, it is important not to forget about bid day. You can involve the sister development chair in this process for additional ideas to make it a day that the new member will never forget!

This semester the Delta Iota Chapter at Central Michigan University created a fall bid day video. This video highlights the importance of making bid day memorable for new members, and Delta Iota created an experience for their new members that will never forget. They will also be able to use this video as a recruitment tool in the future. Below are the top ten reasons that the Delta Iota chapter did an amazing job planning for recruitment. We trust that once you watch the video, you too will agree with our reasons!

Here are the top ten reasons we love this recruitment video:

1.    They had a sister (MRC Caitlin Rempalski) plan ahead of time to record the sequence of bid day events

2.    Signs were prepared for the new members

3.    The sisters ordered bid day shirts ahead of time, which made them look classy and put together

4.    Welcomed the new members with hugs and smiles

5.    Used big wooden Phi Sigma Sigma Greek letters (great recruitment tool)

6.    They planned to have an event after the bid day event to celebrate with their new members

7.    The new members were showered with gifts of appreciation

8.    Interviews with the new members allowed for viewers to feel the excitement of their new members

9.    Lots of photos were taken to commemorate the day

10. Most importantly, it is very obvious the sisters of the Delta Iota chapter did a lot of planning ahead to prepare for this day to make sure their new members felt loved and overwhelmed with joy

As you are looking forward to the spring semester and completing your 2013 recruitment plans, remember the 5Ps - Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance. Phi Sigma Sigma believes that its most successful recruiting chapters are the ones who plan ahead. Aim High!