Solving the Social Media and Marketing Puzzle

How you can successfully utilize social media and effectively market Phi Sigma Sigma

Throughout time, Phi Sigma Sigma has perpetuated our history and tradition through our implementation of programming, learning platforms, philanthropic endeavors and most recently, through our technological advancements. Phi Sigma Sigma’s technological advancements set our organization apart from others.

In less than a decade social media has become integrated into our personal and professional lives. According to a news report from InSites Consulting
, nearly 100 percent of Internet users surveyed in 19 countries are aware of Facebook.

In the poll, seven of 10 Internet users are members of at least one social network. On average, people join one to three social networks, the report found. The majority have profiles on two sites, usually Facebook and Twitter or LinkedIn. The results suggest that about 1.5 billion people around the world use social networking sites. More than half of them access these sites on smart phones.

We know that people are utilizing social media. With that said, it is time to talk about the most effective ways to market ourselves via social media and other mediums. Below we have broken it down into different categories where you could market Phi Sigma Sigma.

Social Networking/New Media

Plan your posts - consider creating a communications plan that outlines all the posts you will send out via Facebook, Twitter, etc.
Use appropriate images - we want to make sure the positive image and brand of Phi Sigma Sigma is always upheld, this does include the photos of sisters posted online.
Think in terms of sound bites - your messages should be short, concise and to the point without beingconfusing to your audience.


Just like with social networking, you want to make sure that you use a lot of photos. When a potential new member visits your website, you want them to be able to picture what it would be like to be a member of our organization and your chapter. In addition to photos, consider posting your recruitment videos and other videos you create to promote Phi Sigma Sigma.

It is important that the web content is being proof-read. Make sure all of the content on your website is accurate and spelled correctly - professionalism is key!

Print advertising/marketing

Encourage the PR chair of your chapter to become friendly with the on-campus newspaper. Creating a strong relationship with these individuals will be helpful when you are holding an event or promoting your chapter.

Keep your ads clean and simple. Compelling printed advertisements focus on one product. Trying to say too much in a limited space gives your ad a cluttered, cramped look that discourages people from attempting to read it.
Remember all options in print. Advertising in printed media includes opportunities beyond newspapers and magazines. Find ways to use business cards, post cards, Post-It notes, and brochures in creative ways to get your message out.

Request to choose the best placement. As with online advertising, print advertising is more effective depending on where your ad appears. For example, newspaper ads on the right page of an open newspaper attract more attention than those on the left.


It would be a great idea to invest in a professional videographer to create your chapter's recruitment and other event-type promotional videos. Your chapter could budget for this cost so members would not have to pay out of pocket. A less expensive option would be to seek out an electronic media major on your campus that would create the video. A trade off would be to allow them to keep the video for their professional portfolio. 

Preparing for a video:
  • Select specific topics, and decide which sister will talk about each one
  • Practice what you will say before you are actually filmed
  • Whoever is in charge of the video should monitor the image being presented by sisters (clothing, hair, etc.) - sisters will want to make sure they are putting their best foot forward to others when it comes to these things

First and foremost, all sisters must be utilizing Greek licensed vendors. If the company is not Greek licensed you should find a new company or recommend to the company that they become Greek licensed so you can continue to support their business. 

Phi Sigma Sigma does not have an official t-shirt marketing policy. With that said, we want to be mindful of the slogans being put on apparel. If you are designing t-shirts that will be sold at an event, remember you, unfortunately, cannot control where someone wears a shirt that says "Phi Sigma Sigma."

Overall, we encourage you to utilize your current contacts. For example, contact Phi Sigma Sigma staff members with questions or thoughts you might have. Each chapter has a membership manager who is a vital mentor for our chapters by offering guidance from HQ, direction on where to find resources, etc. Furthermore, our communications manager has a great knowledge of social media, public relations, communications and marketing. Your staff is always available to help and assist you with any questions or concerns that arise.