Preserving Our History

Our Cherished Treasures

Thanks to Phi Sig’s preservation efforts, we’re reclaiming our history – one item at a time

July 13, 2010

FROM THE MOMENT YOU STEP INTO THE INTERNATIONAL OFFICES of Phi Sigma Sigma you will find yourself drawn, as if by instinct, to the cherry display cases along the left wall – and you will be fascinated by what you find there:

    • An original chapter charter signed by Fay Chertkoff, first Grand Archon.
    • Photos of smiling sisters in impossibly long gowns with gloves to match, posing for posterity at Conclaves of the past.
    • Elaborately wrought trophies and tea sets engraved with our letters.
    • Copies of The Sphinx magazine as far back as the 1920s, containing the written history of our beloved organization.

These are just a few of the items preserved behind the locked doors of Phi Sigma Sigma’s archives. Our most valuable treasures, including one-of-a-kind documents and antique jewelry, are safely stored in an offsite bank vault and displayed only on the most special occasions. Nearly all these items were donated by sisters and their families, and even chapters and friends who recognized their importance to the entire sorority – especially as we approach our Centennial in 2013.

“We want sisters to know that we’re doing our utmost to preserve Phi Sigma Sigma’s history – but we need everyone’s support to be successful,” says Executive Director Michelle Ardern.

How you can help

Specifically, when sisters no longer want their jewelry or legacy items, they should make arrangements to:

    • pass them down to other initiated members or their chapters, or
    • donate them to our Headquarters.

Only initiated members of Phi Sigma Sigma can own or wear our official jewelry. Items featuring our traditional symbols, used in ritual ceremonies or having important historic significance (such as old scrapbooks, documents, magazines or photo albums) can be donated to Headquarters to ensure their preservation for future generations.

“While some of these items have come to us from the families of sisters who made their wishes clearly known in their wills, many are recovered by sisters in our preservation group who find them for sale online,” Ardern explains. “We’re forever grateful to the women who work vigilantly to preserve and retrieve our history – and we’re asking all our sisters to aid us in this important effort.”

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