Preserving Our History

How you can help us research - and reclaim - pieces of our cherished history

Want to help Phi Sigma Sigma in a small way that has a big impact? Join our growing team of sisters dedicated to discovering and recovering pieces of our history being sold nearly every day on the Internet.

Our team of volunteer "preservationists" understands that our heritage should not be put up for sale to the highest bidder -- and so they make it their business to band together and buy everything from badges and one-of-a-kind jewelry to antique artifacts and documents.

Your help is welcome!

There are two ways you can help:

  1. Join the "Preservation of Phi Sigma Sigma" eGroup online. Just log into My Phi Sig (see left side of page), then click on the Discussion Forums link (also on left). The Preservation eGroup is the last item under the "Phi Sigma Sigma" heading at top.
  2. Keep your jewelry and memorabilia safe from collectors. Either pass down your items to sisters or make arrangements to have them returned to Headquarters at 8178 Lark Brown Road, Suite 202, Elkridge, Md., 21075.