Alumnae Engagement

Top 5 Things Every Phi Sig Alumna Should Know

A helpful guide to making the most of your lifetime sisterhood


WHETHER YOU'RE GRADUATING FROM COLLEGE THIS YEAR OR DID SO 50 YEARS AGO, there are plenty of opportunities for Phi Sigma Sigma members to stay actively engaged in our international sisterhood. Here are the top 5 ways today’s alumnae keep strong ties with Phi Sig – enhancing their own lives while helping to create a sorority that’s truly a lifetime experience for all members.

1. Access the 'sisters only' section of our Web site.

Here’s is the No. 1 way every alumna sister can immediately get involved and connected! By signing into the “My Phi Sig” secure access page, you’ll be able to update your personal and professional profile, find long-lost sisters, post blogs, get current information about your chapter, create a social networking page and much more.

It’s easy – and takes just a few minutes:

  • Go to the My Phi Sig page on our new Web site by clicking here.
  • If you were initiated before 2006, and you’re logging in for the first time, your username is your first and last name (no spaces), and your password is your first and last initial followed by your two-digit birth month and two-digit birth date. So, for example, if you are Jane Doe, and your birthday is Jan. 1, your username would be janedoe, and your password would be jd0101. Note: If you cannot access the site after using these instructions, try variations using your maiden and married last names; additionally, try using your given first name instead of a nickname (e.g., “Kathleen” instead of “Kathy”).
  • If you were initiated after 2006, your username and password were automatically generated when you accepted your bid, and you should have received personalized instructions on how to log in.
  • Need help? Contact us and we can get you started.
TIP: Once you’ve logged in, peruse the “Cool Features” blog to read about the many ways to customize your My Phi Sig page and use our Web site to suit to your networking needs and lifestyle!

2. Find other Phi Sigs you'd like to meet.

One of the main reasons outstanding women like you join Phi Sigma Sigma is lifelong networking – specifically, finding sisters who live in your local community or share your professional goals no matter where you are in the world. That’s why our sorority recently made an unprecedented investment in staffing that focuses entirely on the needs of alumnae!

These days, alumnae at every age and every stage of life can join any number of Phi Sig clubs, groups and chapters throughout North America to socialize or participate in philanthropy projects. If there isn’t an alumnae group in your immediate area, chances are there are Phi Sigs who are interested in forming one – especially as we approach our

Here are two easy ways to network with other sisters ASAP:

  • Use the “Find Contact” feature under My Phi Sig (located to the left of your profile) to identify specific sisters, or a group of women who live locally and share your interests.
  • Contact our Alumnae Relations Coordinator Jennifer Feicht to learn what alumnae groups or events are available near you.

3. Get up-to-date on new sorority lingo.

For some alumnae, the idea of reconnecting can seem a bit daunting if they've been out of touch for a while…. There are so many new developments (such as our Reflections new member program, which didn’t exist even as recently as the early 1990s), that we can feel a bit lost or overwhelmed.

Fear not! Phi Sig is in the process of creating an updated list of terminology to share with all members, so you can know at a glance not only current "lingo" related to our sisterhood, but also major Fraternity programs and other important information.

Click here for some of the basics
, and watch for a more comprehensive updated terminology list to be published in the future!

NOTE: See item No. 5 below for some current fun facts you may not yet have learned about the “new” Phi Sigma Sigma.

4. Get involved - at whatever level of commitment works best for you.

Say you’re an alumna sister who wants even more from Phi Sig right now: an opportunity to leave your mark on the world, help people in need, or create a legacy of love for learning, service and mentoring women. Whether you can contribute your time or funds, there are several ways you can get involved – and personally make an impact that is sure to be appreciated by your sisters:

  • Become a Phi Sig volunteer. If you enjoy working with bright, motivated young leaders and want to be a mentor, or if you have special talents that you believe could benefit the organization, there’s a volunteer position in Phi Sig that’s just right for you! To learn more, click here, and to complete a volunteer interest form, click here. With hundreds of volunteers worldwide, and new training programs available to offer guidance and support, we’d genuinely love to welcome you to the ranks of active alumnae!
  • Join the Sister Loyalty Program. If you want to make a definitive statement about the importance of sisterhood in your life, you’ll want to join our new Phi Sig Sister Loyalty Program. For an investment of just $35 a year ($25 for newly graduated alumnae), you can proclaim your loyalty to other sisters and the world – and demonstrate your continuing, lifetime commitment to your sorority.
  • Participate in meaningful philanthropic activities. Perhaps you’d like to learn about special philanthropic events, or even donate to worthy causes of greatest interest to service-minded sisters like you. If so, check out all that the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation has to offer. Or, if time is a limiting factor, consider becoming a Foundation VIP donor. Learn about the new GOLD Program and many other easy, truly affordable ways to contribute.

5. Know the fast facts of Phi Sig.

If you read nothing else, this brief synopsis of fun, fast facts about Phi Sig will get interested alumnae up to speed ASAP! Contact us if you’d like even more information – and watch for regular news updates on our Web site, via Facebook and through e-newsletters.

Phi Sigma Sigma is an international philanthropic and social sorority located throughout the United States and Canada. Of note:

    • Our Fraternity has made significant investments in technology and professional staffing that have contributed to impressive, strategic growth in the past 5 to 7 years and poised our sisterhood for even greater success in advance of our Centennial in 2013.
    • Phi Sigma Sigma is distinguished among NPC sister organizations as the first nonsectarian sorority – meaning we accepted women of all faiths, backgrounds, cultures and beliefs before this was a societal norm.
    • Our philanthropic arm is the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation, which benefits multiple worthy causes including the National Kidney Foundation and Kidney Foundation of Canada, as well as the U.S. Transplant Games.
    • Phi Sigma Sigma collegians are among the most philanthropic-minded in the greater Greek world – raising hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for our Foundation (believed to be a record for chapter giving).
    • We have adopted 3 core values: lifelong learning, inclusiveness and leadership through service.
    • We embrace our Founders’ Twin Ideals: to promote the brotherhood of man and alleviate the world’s pain.
    • Among Phi Sigma Sigma’s main programs:
    1. ACHIEVE is our values institute, serving as an important cornerstone for the tremendous success of our collegiate Leadership Conferences held each spring for chapter officers. The program focuses on four core character traits of Phi Sigma Sigma members: leadership, learning, service and communication.
    2. AIM HIGH educates alumnae advisors on best practices and prepares them to support collegiate chapters for the greatest success, contributing to the strength of the entire Fraternity.
    3. PATHWAYS is our nine-week colony program that’s specially designed to develop strong, healthy chapters.
    4. REFLECTIONS is our official four-week member-development program — guiding new and initiated sisters to a deeper, intensely personal understanding of our nearly 100-year-old sisterhood and how they fit into it.
    5. THINK is a new, exciting risk education and management initiative geared to collegians and chapter advisors that has already become a dynamic, effective model for other interfraternal groups interested in limiting liabilities associated with modern campus life.