Share Your Phi Sigma Sigma Story

Phi Sigma Sigma invites sisters to share their Phi Sigma Sigma memories and experiences!

Phi Sigma Sigma has partnered with Harris Connect Publishing Co. of Chesapeake, VA., to publish a history book to celebrate our 100th anniversary. Harris will help produce a beautiful hardcover publication that will allow you to reconnect with old friends, reflect with sisters on the past 100 years of sisterhood and network professionally.

We encourage sisters to please share how sisterhood has influenced your life. You're welcome to submit just a few short sentences or to provide a more detailed message up to 300 words or 1600 characters. Additionally, you may share a photo of you and/or your Phi Sigma Sigma sisters (a current photo, one from your college years, or anytime in between)! Your photo memories are an invaluable enhancement to this all-new member publication. Note: Due to limited space, not all stories will be published in the history book. Additionally, Harris Connect Publishing and Phi Sigma Sigma reserve the right to edit all content published pertaining to Phi Sigma Sigma.

Harris Connect Publishing began its mailing and phone call campaign recently to contact as many members for verification of information and to offer you the ability to share your Phi Sigma Sigma story.

Members should expect post cards from Harris requesting verification of graduate information, including class year, college achievements, current work trade and Phi Sigma Sigma experience.  You can reach Harris directly at 800-326-1707 to update your information.

Although all members will be listed in the directory, no one is under any obligation to purchase a history book; in fact, your story and experience will still be included. We thank you in advance for your participation!