From the Archives

With the Centennial Celebration a little over a year away, it is important for us to take the time to remember where we came from!

Phi Sigma Sigma has been promoting leadership for almost 100 years!  In the above article you will see a picture from the SPHINX magazine, 1968. LTC (Leadership Training Conference) in 1968 opened with First Grand Vice Archon, Jeanine Jacobs Goldberg, reading a beautiful letter from Founder Jeannette Lipka Furst.  The weekend was devoted to workshops pertaining to recruitment, new member education and chapter operations (sound familiar?).  Saturday evening a dinner and awards banquet was held to acknowledge outstanding leaders of Phi Sigma Sigma.

"The Greek system will die if it doesn't have anything to sell.  If we as a Greek group believe the system has something to offer, it's up to us to sell what the system has.  If we look at the system pessimistically, then we will kill the system through our actions." - Jeanine Jacobs Goldberg, First Grand Vice Archon

Phi Sigma Sigma's principles and values root from strong, determined women who represent exactly what a leader should be.  Our challenge to you is to think about your own principles and values.  Make sure each aligns with who we are as Phi Sigma Sigma.  Always remember to aim high in all of your doings, just as our historical leaders have!