Call for Constitutional Changes

From the Chairman, Bylaws Commitee

How to Submit Proposed Changes to our International Constitution/Bylaws
in order to Strengthen and Improve Our Growing Sisterhood

Dear Sisters,

Constitutions are living documents designed to guide our organizational activities. For this reason, it is important that we review and update our International and chapter constitutions and bylaws on a regular basis.

According to Article XIII of our International constitution, Phi Sigma Sigma sisters have the opportunity to amend our International constitution and bylaws at each Convention, including during Plenary sessions at the upcoming 2009 Convention in Norfolk, Va.

As bylaws committee chairman, it is my responsibility to coordinate this effort. Please take the time to review the International constitution and bylaws and submit any proposed changes to Headquarters in writing by February 28, 2009. This will satisfy the minimum requirement of Article XIII, Section 2 of that proposed changes be submitted no later than March 1st. This section of our International constitution also states that proposed amendments must be submitted to all collegiate chapters, alumnae chapters and Fraternity personnel no later than April 15th.

By requiring proposed changes to be submitted earlier than we have requested in the past, we will be able to distribute a composite of the proposed changes to our chapters and alumnae dues-paying members on or before March 31, 2009. This will give sisters with voting rights at Convention even more time to review the material.

Please feel free to use our convenient Constitutional Changes Form or simply write your proposed change in the form of a letter, whichever you prefer. If you choose not to use the form, make sure that you include the same information in your proposal: your name, contact information, whether the proposed change involves the constitution or bylaws, reference to the sections you’d like to amend, your proposed change and the reason for it.

Thank you in advance for contributing to this important governing process! Your ideas are valued, and they do make a difference. Together, with your help, we will make Phi Sigma Sigma the best that it can be!


Shelly Leritz
Chairman, Bylaws Committee