Crisis Management

Make the Right Call

By using Phi Sig's dedicated hotline and keeping C-A-L-M, you can weather any storm

No one likes to believe a crisis could happen to them – especially upbeat, responsible Phi Sigma Sigma sisters.

But sometimes things do go wrong, despite our best efforts and intentions. And, if they do, it’s critical to know how to respond ASAP – and get the help you need to fix the problem fast.

Your best bet? Contact Phi Sig Headquarters ASAP using our dedicated 24-hour hotline: 


It’s the first step toward solving whatever problem you’re facing – no matter how big it may seem at the time.

Are you prepared?

How would you respond if a sister:

  • passed away unexpectedly?
  • was seriously injured in some way, such as a car accident?
  • had too much to drink and could need medical attention?

Would you know what to do if:

  • your chapter house was robbed?
  • a sister was despondent and suicidal?
  • illegal drugs were found in possession of a sister?
  • a visitor suffered an accident in the chapter house?

Our Fraternity volunteers and HQ staffers have the answers. They’re specially trained to help you handle every kind of crisis management issue you can think of. No worries, no fears – they’re here to guide you through it.

Remember: Keep C-A-L-M

To manage a crisis affecting your chapter, follow these 4 steps:

  1. CALL our Headquarters right away using the hotline number above. If you forget it, don’t panic: It’s also listed on the after-hours voicemail of our regular office line:  410-799-1224 . Note: If the crisis is medical in nature, CALL 911 immediately before calling Headquarters - this will ensure the person gets to a hospital ASAP. Remember, a person's life and health should never be jeopardized by fear of "getting in trouble." Make everything else secondary to preserving and protecting human life and quality of life.
  2. ALERT yourself to what’s already happened – take notes if need be – and be prepared to inform the Fraternity as you learn new information.
  3. LIMIT liability while remaining responsible. Here’s what this means: Avoid acting on anything before first communicating your plan with your chapter key advisor, community archon or HQ staffers. Specifically, avoid making phone calls to non-members (bad news should come from the Fraternity); avoid sending out e-mails (sometimes they’re unintentionally confusing or upsetting, and that causes more problems).  HQ can help you decide whether a plan is OK to act on – or could become a pitfall.
  4. MANAGE chapter emotions. When things go wrong, humans have a tendency to fear the worst at the very time they should be trying to focus on ways to respond to the problem and fix it, if possible. So if something goes terribly awry, and some sisters are saying “don’t call, don't call,” ask yourself what’s the right thing to do – and have faith you’re making the best decision by relying on staffers dedicated to helping you, no matter what.

Staff and volunteers will work with the chapter and the university to offer guidance and support.

Either way, remember that they cannot help you at all if you don’t contact them!

So make the right call if a crisis strikes. You’ll be glad you did.