Achieve MRP

3 Steps to Achieving Maximum Recruitment Potential

Grow to greatness by using these proven techniques

You already know that Phi Sigs are women of quality and vision – leaders like you who stand out on their campuses and have something to contribute to your chapter, the community and even the world at large!

When you’re searching for recruits to join your chapter – women who genuinely appreciate our three core values of lifelong learning, leadership through service and inclusiveness – you want to remember that while quantity (i.e., membership numbers) is not nearly as important as quality,
most chapters report that a sorority’s size is a major factor in whether it’s seen as successful on campus. That’s why you need and want to focus on both quality and quantity during every recruitment session!

Here are 3 easy ways to ensure you’re achieving Maximum Recruitment Potential while selecting high-quality women that embody the traits of Phi Sigma Sigma:

  1. If you haven’t already hit total for your campus, there’s still time to recruit this term (depending on your university’s policies, of course). So check with your membership manager, and consider ways to invite potential new members to fun, informal sisterhood events, such as game nights, dinners, and even coffee and study breaks.
  2. Take time now to assess your most recent recruitment efforts and what could make them even more successful next time. Idea: Use the “Evaluating Your Success” survey, shared at LCs and found online in the Collegiate Chapter Resource Library. Distribute this survey to chapter sisters ASAP to gather invaluable feedback on ways to add even more excitement, fun and impact to your next recruitment event. Remember, no matter how successful you are, there’s always room to improve on something!
  3. Begin planning summer retreats now (especially if you have fall formal recruitment). Encourage the MRC and her committee to begin planning recruitment themes and events in advance, and schedule retreats now so that as many sisters as possible can attend.

Need more help? Check out the many, many recruitment resources online. Simply visit our Web site and log into “My Phi Sig,” then click on “Resources” and search the libraries for “recruitment.”