Twin Ideals Fund Supports Hurricane Sandy Disaster Relief

The Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation established the "Twin Ideals Fund" specifically to support efforts to alleviate the world's pain. Through the generosity of our sisters, we have raised $3,397 to support relief efforts from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

The Board of Directors has reviewed and chosen an organization that is providing relief to those affected by Hurricane Sandy and currently holds a Charity Navigator rating of 4 out of 4 stars. One hundred percent of the funds raised will go to Rebuilding Together for the Hurricane Sandy Disaster Recovery Fund.

Rebuilding Together recognizes the critical need to assist those whose homes have been damaged or destroyed by natural disasters. The Hurricane Sandy Disaster Recovery Fund was established in anticipation of massive and ongoing rebuilding needs throughout the northeast. Once the immediate crisis of a disaster has passed, a community’s long term recovery can take years. Rebuilding Together is committed to this recovery process, rebuilding neighborhoods and helping families return home.

“After a natural disaster, we work to assess a community’s recovery needs. We act in partnership with other recovery programs as part of an organized and efficient process, seeking to deliver a broad range of services and working towards the goal of full community re-stabilization.”   - Gary A. Officer, President & CEO, Rebuilding Together