Lea Fukutaki, Zeta Alpha-Woodbury

Foundation Scholarships: Why Apply?

Just ask Lea Fukutaki – winner of one of our largest scholarships in 2008-2009

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If you’re a Phi Sigma Sigma undergrad or grad student who hasn’t yet applied for any of two dozen scholarships and educational grants offered through our Foundation, what’s holding you back?


Ranging from several hundred dollars to $5,000, these monetary awards are one of the best reasons to be a Phi Sig sister. Just ask Lea Fukutaki - Zeta Alpha at Woodbury UniversityLea Fukutaki, archon of our Zeta Alpha Chapter at Woodbury University in Burbank, Calif., where she is an academic and campus leader.


Lea earned $2,400 as the 2008-2009 recipient of the prestigious Michelle Stacey Friedman Memorial Scholarship – created by our Epsilon Theta Chapter at Montclair State University, and so named in memory of the founding sister who demonstrated exemplary dedication to Phi Sigma Sigma as well as leadership within the sorority, on campus and in the community.


“It’s changed my life,” Lea says of her scholarship. “It helped me out so much – and it’s opened up new opportunities I didn’t think I could explore before.”

Pursuing her dreams

Specifically, Lea – who will be the first person in her family to graduate from college – may now be able to pursue part of her double major in business management and marketing while studying abroad in Costa Rica, China or France. It’s a dream she’s long held, but didn’t think could actually happen, until now.


“It’s exciting to know that I can potentially pursue this opportunity, thanks to the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation,” Lea adds.

'All sisters should apply'

While it’s trScholarships & Grants 2009ue that Lea’s application included a very good GPA and an impressive list of activities and service projects she has participated in (common to many of our sisters, active on their campuses and in their communities), no Phi Sig sister should refrain from applying, says Foundation Executive Director Nancy “Nash” Hay.


“The main reason sisters do not win our scholarships is that they don’t apply,” Nash explains. “Sure, it takes a bit of effort – documenting your qualifications, putting together the applications, getting letters of recommendation or proving financial need. But the payoff is definitely worth it, as any of our scholarship and grant recipients will tell you.”


Lea agrees wholeheartedly, and urges her sisters to act now. “If you have any interest at all, apply today. Don’t get discouraged! You’d be amazed how good your odds of winning are. And what’s the worst that happens, anyway? It doesn’t cost anything to apply. And you actually have a good shot – better than you might think. I’m glad I applied – and I plan to do so again in the future!”


Deadline is April 10. Click the following links for details:

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Questions? Contact Foundation at 410-799-1224, ext. 16, or write foundation@phisigmasigma.org.