Marianne Cohen - Delta Beta, University of Rochester

‘I’m Privileged to Serve
Our Foundation’

Newest Director calls experience a ‘dream come true,’ encourages sisters to apply for board

July 13, 2010

THERE’S NO MISTAKING THE ENTHUSIASM in Marianne Cohen’s voice when she speaks about her new role on the board of directors of the
Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation.

“It’s a pinnacle in my life – knowing that the work I’m doing and the board I’m privileged to serve are empowering our sisters,” she says. “Every day, in everything I do, I feel like I’m making a real difference. And I love it.”

Cohen (Delta Beta, University of Rochester) was invited to join the board this past November as a director serving on the Fundraising Committee overseeing special events. In addition to assisting the Foundation during Leadership Conferences and the 2011 Conclave at Walt Disney World, she’s also helping to organize a golf tournament this October in Chicago, hometown of Grand Archon Pamela Downey. (E-mail us for info.)

I can’t say enough about the support I’ve received for my ideas,” Cohen says. “Even though I’m new to this board – working with some of the most accomplished leaders in our sorority – I have felt like an important part of this group from the start.”

Dedication is key

Although Cohen is a seasoned volunteer in her own right – having served the Fraternity as international Conclave chairman for more than a decade and as chapter key advisor of Zeta Delta Chapter at Bentley University for 19 years – she believes one of the most important qualifications of any Foundation board member is the willingness to go the extra mile, regardless of prior experience within Phi Sigma Sigma.

“If you value the contributions Phi Sig had on your life, and you want to give back by helping to educate others about the Foundation and what we do, then I believe you’d be a great addition to the board,” she explains. (The Foundation is currently accepting director nominations. See details, top of page.)

Even as a working mother of two, Cohen says she has no trouble meeting basic board obligations, such as:

  • attending two in-person meetings annually
  • participating in monthly conference calls
  • working on committees, and
  • donating funds to Foundation.

“I’d wholeheartedly recommend this experience to any sisters who, like me, have had an interest in becoming a director,” she says. “It’s a dream come true, and I’m genuinely grateful for this opportunity to promote the continuing success of the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation.”

For more information about the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation, contact us.