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Why Foundation's new program for young alumnae is perfect for sisters in the know and on the go


April 18, 2011

PSST! HAVE YOU HEARD about the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation’s cool new program designed to keep young alumnae closely connected to our sisterhood while raising significant funds for worthy philanthropic causes?

It’s called GOLD (for “Graduates Of the Last Decade”) - and if you graduated in the not-too-distant past, it's an excellent and oh-so-easy way to recapture what you loved about Phi Sig in college and make a real difference in the lives of women and the world around you. DO YOU:
  • Wish you had more time to help make the world a better place, but often find yourself too busy managing everyday life?

  • Have between $25 and $80 a month to spare and a desire to contribute those funds toward something worthwhile - something good you can feel proud of?

  • Care about helping philanthropic causes like preventing kidney disease, promoting the miracle of organ transplantation, supporting Phi Sig’s increasingly high-profile participation in the U.S. Transplant Games, or helping financially strapped and academically talented students achieve their dreams?
If so, read on. GOLD was made for you.

Not your typical fund drive…

GOLD isn’t like other fundraising programs, says Foundation President Katie Herschede, a young alumna herself who insisted on being the first person to sign up when the program kicked off just several months ago.

“If you’re like me – always running, yet always aware of the tremendous needs in our society and always interested in helping to fill those needs – then you owe it to yourself to find out more about GOLD,” Katie says. “I feel I’m making an extraordinary contribution to causes I care deeply about without any kind of financial pinch. GOLD makes it so easy for me to donate to Phi Sig, it’s practically effortless.”

New donors to the program agree.
Read this special story on SARAH GOMEZ
(Epsilon Alpha at Illinois State), who was so moved by GOLD she immediately signed up despite the impact that these economically challenging times have had on her and her family.

You're in control

The concept is simple: Set up a time to meet with our GOLD Program Development Officer Cathy Zech (traveling soon to a city near you!) so you can learn all the great things Phi Sigma Sigma is up to these days. Commit to contributing a small monthly donation to our Foundation for a total of 3 years. Set it up as a recurring payment on a credit card, and voila! It becomes a routine part of your monthly expenses that’s so manageable – and fits your budget so well, according to the amount you deem most affordable – you don’t even have to think about it.
  • At just $25-$42 a month (GOLD Premiere Level): Sisters will achieve our Foundation’s Gold Rose Giving Level after 3 years. Total value: $900-$1,500.

  • At just $43-$58 a month (GOLD Select Level): Sisters will achieve our Foundation’s Gold Rose Giving Level after 2 years and 1913 Rose Giving Level after 3 years. Total value: $1,503-$2,100.

  • At just $59-$84 a month (GOLD Elite Level): Sisters will achieve the Gold Rose Giving Level after 1 year and Double Diamond Giving Level after 3 years. Total value: $2,103-$3,000.
By arranging for modest, budget-friendly monthly donations to GOLD (and networking with dynamic, fun GOLD sister liaisons in the process), young alumnae can feel they're once again "active" in Phi Sig - knowing they're contributing to something that's already beginning to have an incredibly positive, long-term impact on our sisterhood as well as the causes our women have historically cared most about.

Intrigued? Want to learn even more, or ready to join Phi Sig's GOLD Team? Wondering if you can still participate even if you didn’t graduate in the last decade (the answer is YES!)?

We’re here to help! Contact GOLD Development Officer Cathy Zech to schedule an appointment.

Learn more about the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation and the many ways you can make a strong philanthropic impact. Contact us.