Duties and Expectations of SC Officers

Duties and Expectations of Supreme Council and Individual Officers

Featuring nominating committee guidelines and select excerpts from the international Constitution & Bylaws of Phi Sigma Sigma


Board Commitment

Supreme Council is the board of directors for the Fraternity. Serving on the board of directors for any organization is a tremendous commitment. However, service on the Phi Sigma Sigma board of directors doesn’t offer a monetary reward; rather, rewards come from knowing you’ve made a significant and lasting contribution to the continuing success of our Fraternity through participation on this esteemed and historic board.

The following duties illustrate the overall expectations for Supreme Council officers. Though these duties may not apply to every position, they’re representative of the commitment you’d be expected to make as Fraternity leader:

  • Two weekend board meetings per year (minimum)
  • One board conference call per month (minimum)
  • Participation in local and international conferences (including Convention and Leadership Conferences) and local Founders’ Day events
  • Travel to attend or facilitate events at least one weekend per semester, potentially requiring an overnight stay
  • Participation on at least two board committees
  • Completion of assigned tasks by agreed upon deadlines
  • Coordination of/attendance during conference calls for specific projects and initiatives as necessary
  • Development and implementation of the Fraternity’s strategic plan
  • Time investment of 15 hours per week during the academic year (minimum)
  • 24/7 availability
  • Daily e-mail access throughout the week and at least once each weekend, even during vacations or business trips (unless another board member is designated to receive urgent e-mail messages for a specific time period)
  • Ability to front Fraternity costs for later reimbursement
  • Support of the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation

Board Duties & Responsibilities

Supreme Council candidates will have expertise in most, if not all, of the seven areas listed below, and must be willing to develop the necessary expertise required to meet and exceed the duties of her position.

1.   Experience

  • Demonstrate professional or volunteer experience in areas including, but not limited to, programming, real estate, student activities, public speaking, business management, copy writing, accounting, finance, law, investment of capital, banking, project management, public relations, marketing, sales and human resources
  • Serve or have served on a board of directors (helpful, but not required)
  • Volunteer service to Phi Sigma Sigma as an alumna, with successful results

2.   Financial Knowledge

  • Understand the development of an operating budget
  • Interpret balance sheets and income statements

3.   Fiduciary Duties

  • Retain and monitor service providers (Duty of Care)
  • Act in the best interest of the organization (Duty of Loyalty)
  • Abide by the Phi Sigma Sigma constitution, bylaws, mission and vision statements, and articles of incorporation (Duty of Obedience)

4.   Leadership

  • Inspire and motivate others
  • Be willing to take risks
  • Support, encourage and take responsibility for mentoring future board members
  • Reach out to women from diverse backgrounds and experiences
  • Hire and, when necessary, fire volunteers

5. Organizational Knowledge

  • Understand the organization as a whole and the inter-relationships of its component parts
  • Develop and implement the Fraternity’s strategic plan
  • Develop, interpret and enforce policy and procedures

6.   Relationships

  • Build internal and external relationships benefiting the organization
  • Maintain the trust, integrity and confidence of other volunteers and staff
  • Work cooperatively with other board members, as well as professional staff at Headquarters
  • Work well with volunteers with varying skill sets

7.   Communication

  • Be responsive, proactive and readily available
  • Clearly express ideas and comments verbally and in writing
  • Represent Phi Sigma Sigma professionally when communicating with outside vendors, university personnel, etc.


Supreme Council

As the highest council and sovereign body of the Fraternity, Supreme Council constitutes the board of directors of the Fraternity and shall provide strategic leadership for the Fraternity, including setting direction, making policy and strategic decisions, overseeing and monitoring organizational performance, and ensuring overall accountability. Supreme Council shall have the power to:

  • determine the Fraternity’s mission and purpose
  • select, support and assess the overall performance of the Fraternity’s executive director
  • provide proper financial oversight and ensure adequate resources
  • ensure legal and ethical integrity, and maintain accountability
  • ensure the recruitment and orientation of new board members and the assessment of board performance
  • enhance the Fraternity’s public standing
  • make agreements with other fraternities
  • control the extension of the Fraternity
  • suspend and expel members from the Fraternity consistent with the constitution, bylaws, policies and ritual of the Fraternity
  • fill vacancies in the offices of Supreme Council as hereinafter provided
  • recommend legislation to the Convention, and
  • exercise all other functions of government consistent with the constitution, bylaws, policies and ritual of the Fraternity.

Grand Archon

The grand archon (president) shall be president of Supreme Council and corporate president of the Fraternity. She presides at council meetings, conventions and leadership conferences, and she directs the overall business of the Fraternity. Among other duties, she shall:

  • have the power, by and with the advice and consent of Supreme Council, to appoint ambassadors and make agreements with other fraternities
  • have the power in the case of removal, death, inability, inefficiency or dereliction of duty of any officer of the Fraternity, by and with the consent of Supreme Council, to appoint an officer to temporarily discharge the powers and duties of the office until the office is filled by election or appointment or Supreme Council determines that the officer is capable of resuming her duties
  • give chapters information, from time to time, on the state of the Fraternity
  • recommend for the consideration of the Convention such measures as she shall judge necessary and expedient
  • take care that the laws of the Fraternity are faithfully executed
  • serve as a member of the finance and housing committees, and also as an ex-officio member of all committees (or retain the power to assign a designee), excepting the nominating committee
  • oversee Headquarters and its staff, with the advice and consent of the corporate officers
  • decide all questions of law arising under the constitution, by-laws, policies and ritual of the Fraternity
  • appoint an advisory board composed of a maximum of five members, one of whom shall be the immediate past grand archon, and
  • upon completion of her term, serve as a non-voting ex-officio member of Supreme Council for one term.

Grand Vice Archon

The grand vice archon acts as corporate vice president/secretary of the Fraternity. In the event Supreme Council determines that the grand archon is (1) unable to serve; (2) suffers a disability that renders her unable to perform her duties; or (3) engages in dereliction of duty, the grand vice archon shall discharge all such duties until the office is filled by election or appointment, or Supreme Council determines that the grand archon is capable of resuming her duties.

The grand vice archon shall be an ex-officio member of the bylaws committee. Additionally, any proposed changes and/or amendments to the international Constitution shall be submitted to the grand vice archon no later than March 1 preceding Convention.

Grand Vice Archon – Finance

The grand vice archon - finance acts as corporate treasurer of the Fraternity. She chairs the finance committee, which shall prepare a budget for the Fraternity general fund and oversee and regulate the finances of the Fraternity. She is also a member of the housing committee. In the event that either the grand archon or grand vice archon cannot fulfill her duties, succession shall proceed to the grand vice archon – finance.

Directors (4 positions total)

Directors fulfill the general duties and expectations of all Supreme Council officers – utilizing their individual talents and experiences to contribute to the strategic success of the board and Fraternity. Additionally, in the event the grand vice archon – finance would be incapable of fulfilling either the duties of grand archon or grand vice archon if so required for exceptional reasons as outlined above, the remaining directors would elect a replacement from amongst the remaining members of the Supreme Council.