Message from the Grand Archon

April 2013

Dear Sisters,

While I normally use my letter to update you on Fraternity happenings, this month feels different. And so, I thought that instead I would take time to reflect on the power of sisterhood and the women who impact our lives.

On March 7, Phi Sigma Sigma lost one of its greatest treasures. Past Grand Archon and NPC Delegate Josette George Kaufman’s passing was sudden, and I know many of us are still coming to terms with her absence. 

I met Josette during my junior year of college. At that time, she served on Supreme Council as director of finance. It was a thrill to meet her because as a fellow Gator, she was a huge source of pride for my chapter. I was very impressed by her. Little did I know that she saw a spark in me and kept an eye on me. Not too long after graduation, I received a phone call from Josette. She told me that I needed to come volunteer for Phi Sigma Sigma. I was so honored that she had thought of me that I could not refuse. Little did I know then the power that one phone call would have.

Over the years, Josette became my mentor and my friend. She was my sounding board, my reality check and my cheerleader. No matter what project or leadership position I took on, Josette never stopped pushing me to grow and develop. She has lifted me up and encouraged me, and always made sure that I knew how proud she was of me. I strongly believe that she is one of the reasons that I have developed into the leader I am today. 

Josette’s impact on me was deep and profound, but her reach was enormous. She inspired so many of us within Phi Sigma Sigma, and she did the same for many in the fraternity and sorority community as well. Josette was passionate, caring and honest, and she was a leader in the truest sense of the word. She set the example and encouraged others to do the same.

I am so thankful to have had Josette in my life, and it is so hard to imagine that I will never again have the opportunity to see her beautiful smile or hear her kind, loving voice say, “Hi honey.” I do know though, without a doubt, that she will always be with me – encouraging and guiding me. And for that, I will forever be grateful.

Josette’s passing is a clear example of the fact that you never know what is going to happen in life. I hope that if nothing else, we can all use it as a lesson to seize the day and reflect on the impact Phi Sigma Sigma and our sisters have had on us. Think about your membership and the women who have touched your life by encouraging you and helping you become the person you are today. I urge you to take time to call the sister or sisters who have touched your life and let them know. 

I also hope that you will think about the lessons you have learned from these women. And, I challenge you to live a life that would make them proud. Make positive choices, lift others up, and never stop learning and growing. 


In the Pyramid,

Alicia Scott
Grand Archon