Strength in Numbers

Top 3 ways to network in Phi Sig – and make the most of your career and lifetime membership

Networking works in Phi Sig!SO YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB – or an opportunity to take your career to the next level.

Perhaps you’ve recently moved to a new town, and you’re hoping to find some friendly faces to make it feel more like home.

Or maybe you’re interested in locating someone nearby to walk with during lunch breaks or a friend you trust to watch the kids in a pinch.

These are just a few of the reasons why – if you haven’t already taken full advantage of your Phi Sigma Sigma lifetime membership – you may want to explore the many benefits of networking within the sisterhood.

Ask sisters in-the-know: It’s easy. The effort is worth it. It works – for thousands of Phi Sigs internationally. And best of all, it’s free.

Go ‘global

If you’ve limited your Phi Sigma Sigma experience to socializing and communicating with your collegiate chapter sisters only, consider expanding your network starting today – going “global,” to so speak, to include women with whom you share common professional and personal interests.

Here are three ways to reach out to more sisters – and get even more from your membership:

Social networking - at every age

1. Build your online network.

Each and every day, hundreds of Phi Sig sisters are connecting online through sites such as and Facebook – among the two most popular and trusted social networking resources today (and both of which have Phi Sigma Sigma groups, so look for them). If you haven’t yet logged in and created profiles that accurately represent you and the image you want to portray to the world, now’s the perfect time to visit those sites and establish a positive online presence.

Then, using the tools available on those sites, begin searching for sisters you know (with the goal of reconnecting), as well as identifying sisters you’d like to introduce yourself to – perhaps because you’re in the same profession, you live in the same area or you share a hobby.

In the past year, Phi Sigma Sigma has made significant “tech” investments to assist sisters with networking opportunities. If you haven’t yet logged into the “My Phi Sig” secure, members-only section of this Web site, check it out. Along with the many great features associated with creating a Phi Sigma Sigma profile, you can search for sisters with common professional backgrounds and interests who live nearby - and much more.

TIP: For help getting started, read the top-rated blog, “New Web Site: Cool Features and Questions Answered,” by Phi Sig’s Director of Database and Technology Linda Beavin.

2. Connect at a local or regional level.

U.S. Transplant Games 2008You don’t have to be an active, regularly participating member of a Phi Sig alumnae or collegiate chapter to connect with local sisters, though that certainly helps if you’re interested.

In fact, there are many opportunities to join in local philanthropic and social events throughout North America – when you’re plugged in and know what’s available in your area. (It helps to consult your most recent issue of Connections, of course, and to check the events on our Web site’s home page often!)

Sisters often gather for lunch, raise funds for the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation or participate in other worthy service projects in their communities. General rule of thumb: The more you get involved, the more sisters you’ll meet – and the stronger and more personal your network will become!

TIP: To learn more about local Phi Sig groups you can connect with and activities that may interest you, contact Alumnae Relations Consultant Jennifer Feicht.

3. Commit to your lifetime membership - and become a Phi Sig 'VIP.'

As you know, membership within Phi Sigma Sigma lasts a lifetime: “Once a Phi Sigma Sigma, Always a Phi Sigma Sigma.”

But to make the most of that membership, some sisters are "kicking their commitment up a notch," so to speak, in several creative ways you may also want to consider:

  • “Loyal Sister” status as an alumnae-dues paying member. For the cost of a manicure or dining out, sisters who care about the future of our sisterhood, and want to be associated with that kind of responsible, progressive stewardship, are voluntarily contributing to Phi Sigma Sigma’s new Alumnae Dues Program. It’s not for everyone – and that’s OK. Still, securing “Loyal Sister” status is a great way to show members you’re an active sister who values strength in numbers.
  • Support of the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation. If you haven’t yet explored the many ways that your tax-deductible gifts can benefit everything from kidney research and organ donation/transplantation to scholarships and grants for deserving women, take a moment to learn how you can begin to leave a lasting legacy – and become a true Phi Sig VIP among sisters who most value service and philanthropy.

Bottom line: Using any of these opportunities to network and promote yourself can help you get the most from your membership. So start networking today!

Want to learn more? Need help getting reconnected or networking via My Phi Sig? Contact Headquarters.