Greek life offers many opportunities for leadership positions. Within Phi Sigma Sigma, there are multiple committees and committee chairs that members are able to participate. Committee chairs is a great leadership opportunity within chapter. Some committees include public relations, community service, parents, alumnae, spirit, fundraising and historian.

Greek life also offers many opportunities for leadership conferences on campus as well. In Phi Sigma Sigma, we also have an executive board where women are able to go to a national leadership conference for chapters of Phi Sigma Sigma in Washington, D.C. E-board and our Phi Sig advisors are always encouraging members to be those leaders on campus to prepare to be leaders in the work force. Here is some more information about our current executive board and their positions:

 Frances Paz is the Theta Upsilon Chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma's Archon, which means president. As president, she acts as liaison between the rest of chapter and the executive board. She sets the example for every sister to follow and is the "face" of chapter. Frances is a current Junior at the University of La Verne, majoring in Liberal Studies.

Deonah Cendejas acts as Scribe for the Theta Upsilon Chapter. Scribe is the person to keep track of local and chapter correspondence: letters, invitations and any other campus information. She also keeps track of Chapter Excellence, which is a point system that our headquarters initiated. Basically, every chapter receives points when turning in grades, community service hours, certain events and leadership events. We are one of the few Gold Chapters for Chapter Excellence, which is the highest amount of points received.​ Deonah is a current Junior at the University and is majoring in Communications.

Katya Rodriguez is our Sisterhood Development Chair. As SDC, she will be teaching new members about the history and core values of our fraternity. She will be there for the new members, or Phi's, throughout their six-week reflection process and for whatever they need. Katya is a current Junior and is an Anthropology major.

Daisy Moreira is our Member-at-Large. As MAL, she helps to mediate any conflicts that may arise within our chapter. She helps make sure that we uphold the standards within our own organization as well as the standards on campus. She is also the head of the Standards Board. Daisy is a current Junior and is majoring in Communications.


Michaela Bulkley acts as Tribune for the Theta Upsilon Chapter. She is the one to take attendance and do the minutes at each meeting. She also sends out all the mass texts and emails to chapter members to stay informed about events and deadlines. Tribune also handles the yearly composite photos, which are yearbook style photos taken of each member. Michaela is a current Senior and is majoring in Theatre Arts


Alexandra Campbell is our Vice Archon. She is in charge of the various Executive Council members within the organization. She also is responsible for overseeing our constitution, ritual within meetings, and is a part of the Standards Board and Finance Committee. Alex is a current Junior and is majoring in Accounting. 


Cynthia Ramirez is the Bursar for the Theta Upsilon Chapter. Bursar is basically the treasurer of chapter. She handles all of the money and budgets. She creates the budget for the following year and makes sure that members are able to pay their dues in a timely manner. Bursar also helps to teach members about money management. Cynthia is a current Junior, majoring in Business Administration.

Victoria Perez is the Membership Recruitment Chair, or MRC, on the Executive Board. If you have any questions about recruitment, then she can answer them. She plans and organizes all of the recruitment events, including informal and formal recruitment, for Phi Sigma Sigma. Victoria is a Junior, majoring in Business Administration.

Kaitlyn Friou is our National PanHellenic Chair. As an organization that is under National Panhellenic Council, we have a group of members of the sororities on campus and this sister is our delegate and liaison during the meetings that occur within the College PanHellenic Association (CPA) meetings. She take the information within the meetings and report it back to us so that we are all aware of what is going on with the other organizations on campus. Kaitlyn is a Junior, who is double majoring in Business Administration and Mathematics. 


Gabriella Duque is our Scholarship Chair. Her job is to make sure we are all aiming high in school and receiving good grades. Scholarship Chair encourages sisters to study and do well on tests and quizzes by giving "Phi Sig dollars." At the end of each semester, we use those Phi Sig dollars earned through study hours and test and she auctions off Phi Sigma Sigma apparel and gifts. Another important job for Scholarship Chair is to help those sisters who are struggling with classes. She helps sisters by finding "study buddies" or anyone else who may help a sister out with school. Tracy is a Sophomore, majoring in Business Administration.


One of our sisters is our Philanthropy Chair. She plans and organizes all of our philanthropy events on campus like Rock-a-thon, Rock-N-Jock, Talent Show and Phi Sig Inferno. She helps raise funds for our international philanthropy, the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation, which benefits school and college readiness.