Phi Sigma Sigma Insigina

ΦΣΣ Insignia

Phi Sigma Sigma's original badge was the sphinxhead, featuring sapphire eyes on a gold base bearing our Greek letters in blue enamel.  In 1951, the Fraternity introduced the sapphire badge, a sphinxhead superimposed on a gold pyramid and three sapphires in each corner.  Both badges remain in use today.  To further identify the member and indicate the bond between the sorority and chapter, a guard pin (the Greek letter(s) identifying the chapter) is attached to the badge by a small, gold linked chain. 

The badge is worn by all duly initiated members over or near the heart. The guard pin is worn lower than the badge. The badge is never to be sold, given or loaned to any person who is not a duly initiated member of Phi Sigma Sigma. 


Flower: American Beauty Rose 

Open Motto: Diokete Hupsala (Aim High)

Colors: King Blue and Gold

Stone: Sapphire

Twin Ideals: The brotherhood of man and the alleviation of the world’s pain.

Official Hymn: Liebestraum

Symbol: Sphinx