Spotlight Weekend Event


Four years ago I chose University of La Verne as my college of choice. This decision was definitely not easy, but one of the most important decisions I have made.

When I was first visiting ULV at their Spotlight Weekend event for admitted students-- to be completely honest-- I absolutely hated the school and only stayed at the Spotlight Weekend for an hour. I wanted bigger and better things than a school called La Verne.

So, then how did I end up at ULV? When I looked beyond the surface at my two choices of colleges and made my pro/con lists, I realized that the University of La Verne was exactly the type of college I would feel the most comfortable attending. The small class sizes, the fact that faculty know who you are even if you have never taken a class with them, and sense of community and family that La Verne exhibits, were all things I loved.

Choosing University of La Verne is a decision I will never regret. I might not have joined Phi Sigma Sigma or met my little sapphires. I would not be the person I am today if I had chosen a different path.

As a graduating senior now participating in Spotlight Weekend, I hope that everyone has the same great experience I did at the University of La Verne.