Phi Sig Sisterhood


I have never been in love before. I wasn’t even sure what love felt like until I joined Phi Sigma Sigma. People already involved in Greek life always said “from the outside looking in, its hard to understand it, and from the inside, looking out its hard to explain.” In reality, the lifelong bonds we create with our sisters can be described in one simple word, love.

Of course, I don’t mean the kind of love that ends in romantic comedy movies or marriage. The bond of any sisterhood takes time and effort, but the love given and returned is for a lifetime.

Sisters are always there for anyone who needs support or comfort, no questions asked. We make each other laugh after having a hard day. We annoy each other to no end, but always make up for it by listening to each other’s problems and issues. Sisterhood means never having to wonder if there is someone who loves you. The bonds of our sisterhood remind me everyday of the best decision I made, joining Phi Sigma Sigma.

The women of Phi Sigma Sigma have taught me year after year, heartache upon heartache, laughter upon laughter that love is tough and endless. Love endures tragedy and joy. Love is sisterhood and isn’t just for the four years of college, but for life.