Be a Phi Sig

The opportunity to become a member of Phi Sigma Sigma or any other sorority at the University of La Verne occurs both in the fall and spring semesters.

In the fall, we have "informal" recruitment, which means that the process isn't as structured. Fall recruitment is usually at the very beginning of the semester and usually with less people going through the recruitment process. Women are also not required to visit all the other sororities on campus, although we highly recommend it.

According to the University of La Verne's policy, freshmen going through either fall or spring recruitment must have completed at least 12 units before participating.

"Formal" recruitment in the spring is a lot more popular because most freshman can go through recruitment, and women are required to visit each of the different sororities.

Both types of recruitment will be an experience that you will never forget because in the end, you get thousands of sisters to always be by your side.

Click here for more information about recruitment at the University of La Verne.

Make sure to sign up for the 2016 Spring Formal Recruitment!

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