Fiona Conroy

Fiona Conroy
  • Initiated Spring 2001 by Kappa Chapter, The George Washington University; served as Archon, Panhellenic President, Chapter Excellence Chairman, Field Consultant, ACHIEVE Facilitator
  • Currently Executive Director of the Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee
  • Home: Harrisburg, PA

TEN YEARS AGO, I LEFT MY HOMETOWN of Williamsport, Pa., to attend The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. I chose GW because I wanted to get involved in political campaigns and begin building my career as a political operative.

As soon as I landed on GW's campus, I began crafting the path that I believed would help me achieve my goals. I did the obvious things: declaring a political-science major, becoming involved in student government and seeking internships on Capitol Hill.

While those experiences were helpful, it was, in fact, an unplanned experience that best prepared me for my career in politics: specifically, joining Phi Sigma Sigma.

Every tool I’ve used throughout my career and in my current role as Executive Director of the Pennsylvania House Democratic Campaign Committee I learned through my membership in Phi Sigma Sigma. For example:

  • Recruiting candidates and persuading voters? I learned these skills through sorority recruitment.
  • Managing budgets and developing spending priorities? This was a major part of my job as archon of the Kappa Chapter.
  • Building relationships? Working with both my own chapter and other sororities as Panhellenic president helped me hone vital interpersonal skills.
  • Raising money? I learned how to fundraise through philanthropic event-planning for the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation.
  • Creating positive press and marketing my candidates? Serving as both archon and Chapter Excellence chairman for the Kappa Chapter taught me key marketing and media best practices.
  • Training candidates, volunteers and campaign staff? I learned how to conduct meaningful and effective training sessions as an alumna in my roles as a field consultant and ACHIEVE facilitator.
  • Resolving conflicts and facilitating strong communication? The day-to-day experiences of sorority leadership provided strong skills in these areas.

Put simply, if it hadn’t been for my membership in Phi Sigma Sigma, I’m not confident I’d be where I am today. I credit this organization with providing the tools and experiences necessary to succeed in campaign politics and life.

As we enter the final chaotic phase of the 2010 election cycle, I will be grateful every day for my decision to join Phi Sigma Sigma

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