Amy Smith, Xi - Temple University

One of a Kind and 100% Phi Sig

By becoming our first-ever collegian to sit on the Order of Omega board, Amy Smith has proven our sorority is developing stand-out women leaders of the highest quality.

September 2, 2010

PHI SIG SISTER AND CONSUMMATE COLLEGIATE LEADER AMY SMITH of our Xi Chapter at Temple University can now say something no other woman in our organization has ever said before:

“I sit on the board of directors for Order of Omega.”

In the 23 years since the renowned Greek honor society began selecting one undergraduate student to serve annually, providing invaluable insight and helping influence policy, no Phi Sigma Sigma has ever before sat on the board, confirms Jessica Gardner, Order of Omega’s Director of Membership and Chapter Services. That is, until now.

“Amy is so well spoken and so motivated, has so much experience and is such a strong leader…. We couldn’t be happier to have her join us,” Jessica explains. “We look forward to working with her during this academic year.”

Blazing new trails

Our sister applied for the position after reading about it last spring in Phi Sig Savvy, our sorority’s e-newsletter for collegians, advisors and volunteers. “It looked like an amazing opportunity,” she recalls. “I submitted my application the same day.”

In addition to traveling to at least two of the Order’s strategic-planning conferences, Amy will also represent the board at the prestigious
Association of Fraternity/Sorority Advisors conference in Phoenix, Dec. 1-5.

As you might expect, she’s thrilled to have been selected for this important role from a wide pool of applicants – and even more so to learn she’s broken new ground for Phi Sigma Sigma internationally.

“It’s an incredible feeling,” she says jubilantly. Her easy manner and confidence are evident in her voice, but you can sense her anticipation, too – like bottled energy, waiting for a chance to transform the world around her or create something new. She pauses, then adds: “What a great year it’s been.”

Highly accomplished

This past May, Amy completed a successful year-long term as Archon of our historic Xi Chapter at Temple in Philadelphia – one of our largest and most honored chapters. Indeed, she was named among Phi Sig’s six finalists for the Jeanine Jacobs Goldberg Archon of the Year Award. (For a complete list of all award winners, click here.) That alone would be a feather in any sister’s cap.

But, through laser-focused determination and a collaborative leadership style,
Amy has exceeded all expectations for excellence, including her own. Just take a look at some of the University and Greek Life accolades she earned in 2009-2010 (a good indication of why she was selected by Order of Omega):
  • Panhellenic President of the Year
  • Chapter of the Year, and
  • First-ever recipient of the Excellence in Student Leadership Award for Greek Life (only 4 total Excellence awards are granted by Temple annually in different categories).
What’s more, she is a member of Rho Lambda (the national sorority leadership recognition society), serves on our Grand Archon’s Collegiate Advisory Board and helped lead Xi’s high-profile philanthropy trip to Ghana, Africa, where more than a dozen sisters put in two weeks of hard labor to build a school foundation. As if that’s not enough, as Vice President of Membership for Temple’s chapter of Order of Omega, she helped bolster the ranks by an outstanding 175% in a single year.

“Everything about me is goal driven,” says the 22-year-old leader from Moscow, Pa., an elementary and early-childhood education major who graduates this December. “I have always been someone who thrives on excellence, helps people achieve more, believes the impossible can be done, and loves seeing people happier as a result of my efforts.”

Committed for a lifetime

Part of what makes Amy unique as a collegian is her firmly established belief that membership within Phi Sigma Sigma is truly a lifetime experience – an ideal she has worked hard to instill in her sisters and other Greeks she encounters.

She admits it can be easy for sisters to limit their experience to the chapter and think “it’s over” once they’ve graduated. But nothing could be further from the truth.

“As a result of my leadership in Phi Sig, I have met and been inspired by so many women of all ages – particularly at Leadership Conference,” Amy explains. “And I plan to keep in touch with all of them. I plan on
staying connected with Phi Sig.

“This sisterhood helped me overcome some really hard times adjusting to campus life when I first arrived at Temple,” she adds. “Since then, it’s given me amazing opportunities to grow and learn, such as this board position. It’s shaped me into the woman I am and the woman I hope to become…. I love Phi Sig because I am Phi Sig – and I can’t see a time when that will ever change.”


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