Scholarships & Grants


Scholarships & Grants


The generosity of alumnae, collegiate and alumnae chapters, individual members, and friends, has enabled the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation to maintain a strong educational grant and scholarship program. Educational grants and scholarships are awarded to both collegiate and graduate members to help our sisters aim high. Applications are available each year beginning in December, and are due by April 10.


Compassion Grant

The Compassion Grant supports sisters who are experiencing a sudden difficult time in their lives. This program provides grants to sisters who are impacted by natural or other disasters (fire, flood, etc.) or short-term, major medical emergencies. Grants are provided to assist Phi Sigma Sigma members with basic necessities such as food, clothing, and housing, for emergency or extra-ordinary medical care, and other purposes.

Professional Development Grant

The Professional Development Grant provides assistance for Phi Sigma Sigma alumnae seeking career development through non-credit courses, seminars, or programs.

Educational Grants

Educational grants are funded primarily through interest earned by the Foundation, and are awarded annually to collegiate and alumnae sisters based on three criteria - financial need, scholarship, and service to Phi Sigma Sigma and the community. Any Phi Sigma Sigma in good standing may apply.

Named Scholarships

Named scholarships may be established by an individual or a chapter. Often, these scholarships are created in memory of a sister or loved one. Any Phi Sigma Sigma in good standing may apply.

Chapter Educational Funds

Chapter Educational Funds may be established by chapters for any educational purpose, with the primary focus on scholarships to deserving initiated members of the chapter, including alumnae pursuing post-graduate degrees. Chapter sisters in good standing may apply.

Book Awards

Book Awards may be established by an individual, collegiate or alumnae chapter, or housing corporation. Often, a Book Award is created in memory of a sister or loved one. Any Phi Sigma Sigma in good standing may apply.