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scholarship/grant recipients

Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation

2015 - 2016 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to this year’s scholarship
and educational grant winners!

Named Scholarships

May be established by an individual or a chapter. Often, these scholarships are created in memory of a sister or loved one. Chapters may also choose to establish a scholarship to benefit a deserving chapter sister. This year’s winners are: 

Ali Ward Delta Iota Memorial Scholarship
Alyson Beland, Delta Iota Chapter

Allison Beth Schmidt Memorial Scholarship
Megan Williams, Iota Epsilon Chapter

Ariel Rose Black Theta Iota Chapter Memorial Scholarship
Erin Dagenais, Theta Iota Chapter

Bertha and Mac Bodian Memorial Scholarship
Beth Moody, Iota Gamma Chapter

Beta Alpha Nicole Schiffman Memorial Scholarship
Maria Reardon, Beta Alpha Chapter

Beverly L. Richman, MD Scholarship
Irina Nagovsky, Zeta Pi Chapter

Centennial Scholarship
Alana McGinty, Epsilon Alpha Chapter

Chapter Consultant Scholarship
Marie Bucci, Gamma Nu Chapter

Danielle Nguyen Memorial Scholarship
Sarah Blue, Delta Iota Chapter

Dr. Helen Vassallo Gamma Iota Scholarship
Mary-Lee Barboza, Gamma Iota Chapter

Erin Michelle Say Memorial Scholarship
Abagail Cavalier, Theta Gamma Chapter

Helen Berkowitz Memorial Scholarship
Patty Roberts, Delta Delta Chapter

Jeanine Jacobs Goldberg Scholarship
Jacqueline Botchman, Iota Mu Chapter

Josette George Kaufman Scholarship for Panhellenic Leaders
Kelly Rund, Gamma Pi Chapter

Kristina Witten Memorial Scholarship
Christine Ackerley, Zeta Eta Chapter

Laura Treanor Memorial Scholarship
Samantha McLean, Kappa Chapter

Lindsey Orser Delta Delta Chapter Memorial Scholarship
Jenny Porter, Delta Delta Chapter

Los Angeles County Alumnae Book Award
Jennifer Nguyen, Theta Upsilon Chapter

Mamie Klein Memorial Scholarship
Jamie Silverstein, Gamma Zeta Chapter

Maria Arena Memorial Scholarship
Meghann Ryan, Gamma Pi Chapter

Markowitz Book Award
Katie O'Neill, Beta Upsilon Chapter

Michelle Stacey Friedman Memorial Scholarship
Alysha Doggart, Delta Epsilon Chapter

Nereyda (Neddie) Iniquez Memorial Scholarship
Kate Colagreco, Zeta Gamma Chapter

Past Grand Archons' Scholarship
Becca Martin, Iota Omicron Chapter

Sunshine State Scholarship
Allison Siegel, Theta Xi Chapter

Veachey R. Bloom Book Award
Mariah Montero, Iota Zeta Chapter

Educational Grants

Funded primarily through interest earned by the Foundation, educational grants are awarded annually to collegiate and alumnae sisters based on three criteria: financial need, scholarship and service to Phi Sigma Sigma and the community, This year’s recipients are:

Shanika Badoya-Mulkerin, Delta Gamma Chapter
Lydia Brewster, Iota Zeta Chapter
Cipriana Costello, Theta Eta Chapter
Brigid Cruise, Pi Chapter
Adrianna Cuesta, Delta Kappa Chapter
Autumn Edelson, Zeta Delta Chapter
Joan Fath, Theta Iota Chapter
Natalie Ficociello, Iota Epsilon Chapter
Tamara Fuentes, Zeta Pi Chapter
Lexi Geiger, Epsilon Tau Chapter
Kaitlyn Henzel, Zeta Kappa Chapter
Samantha Holloway, Iota Mu Chapter
Amanda Horowitz, Beta Upsilon Chapter
Tori Klippel, Iota Epsilon Chapter
Michelle Krnak, Delta Delta Chapter
Jaclyn Leonard, Xi Chapter
Jenica Longfield, Iota Epsilon Chapter
Kateleen Lopez, Delta Kappa Chapter
Sarina May, Beta Eta Chapter
Maggie Meehan, Gamma Nu Chapter
Sarah Meinhart, Theta Tau Chapter
Kendra Muldowney, Xi Chapter
Julia Palazzo, Gamma Nu Chapter
Alexie Rodriguez, Zeta Gamma Chapter
Sara Scott, Delta Delta Chapter
Andrea Serpas, Kappa Chapter
Kayla Sica, Gamma Iota Chapter
Marissa Silverman, Beta Eta Chapter
Thea Velic, Iota Zeta Chapter
Chelsey Wade, Delta Theta Chapter
Rachel Wellman-Benedict, Delta Upsilon Chapter
Audrey Yeiter, Iota Iota Chapter

Educational Grants Alumnae - Part Time Students

Funded primarily through interest earned by the Foundation, educational grants are awarded annually to alumnae sisters attending school part time and based on three criteria: financial need, scholarship and service to Phi Sigma Sigma and the community,

Chapter Educational Funds

Funds established by chapters for any educational purpose, with the primary focus on scholarships to deserving initiated members of the chapter, including alumnae pursuing post-graduate degrees. This year’s recipients are:

Beta Upsilon Chapter Educational Fund
Alexis Carey, Beta Upsilon Chapter

Delta Iota Chapter Educational Fund
Ellie Anderson, Delta Iota Chapter

Delta Theta Chapter Educational Fund
Angelica LeDonne, Delta Theta Chapter

Gamma Nu Chapter Educational Fund
Emily Angstadt, Gamma Nu Chapter

Gamma Tau Chapter Educational Fund
Emily Harris, Gamma Tau Chapter

Gamma Xi Chapter Educational Fund
Dana Schweizer, Gamma Xi Chapter

Iota Zeta Chapter Educational Fund
Shalyn Koester, Iota Zeta Chapter

Pi Chapter Educational Fund
Jolene Sproviero, Pi Chapter

Theta Psi Chapter Educational Fund
Ashley Mattson, Theta Psi Chapter

Xi Chapter Educational Fund
Sydney Rosenberg, Xi Chapter

UIFI (Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute) Scholarships

Funded by the Foundation, these scholarships are awarded annually to collegiate members to attend UIFI’s week-long intensive leadership development program. This year’s recipients are:

Katie Copeland, Theta Mu Chapter
Sydney Edelmann, Delta Theta Chapter
Natalie Ficociello, Iota Epsilon Chapter
Emily Gillis, Xi Chapter
Laken Ginn, Gamma Tau Chapter
Whitney Hazard, Gamma Iota Chapter
Shelby Kresge, Zeta Gamma Chapter
Jennifer Nguyen, Theta Upsilon Chapter