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Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation Infographic

2015 Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation Infographic

Compassion Fund Grant

Learn how you can help a sister in need through Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation's Compassion Fund Grant.

Professional Development Grant

Learn about Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation's newest grant program, the Professional Development Grant.



Through its growing array of scholarships and need-based educational grants, the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation enables members to aim higher every year. Discover your opportunity to help more sisters live better lives!


How does your gift to the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation change lives? Sisters' generosity inspires leadership achievement, funds scholarships and need-based educational grants and philanthropic endeavors.


Join those sisters who are making a profound difference through a simple $19.13 donation.
Click more to see the Honorary Chair list.

2015 Founders' Day Campaign Honor Rolls


The Campaign kicks off this coming Tuesday, November 10, and continues through November 20. AND - your donation will go twice as far because members of the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation Board of Directors have committed to match every donation made up to the first $10,000.

2015 Founders' Day Honorary Sisters & Donors

Celebrate Phi Sigma Sigma's 102nd Founders' Day by adding your name to our honor roll of donors as we carry on our Founders' legacy.

More About our Founders' Day Campaign

Meggie Baker, Kappa Chapter
Nickole Bennett, Epsilon Sigma Chapter
Jenny Bernard, Delta Psi Chapter
Bridget Bonner, Delta Chi Chapter
Ruth Burg, Kappa Chapter
Lynn L. Coffey, Delta Lambda Chapter
Marianne Cohen, Delta Beta Chapter
Gretchen Coker, Beta Beta Chapter
Jennifer Coleman, Theta Chi Chapter
Judy Connolly, Delta Zeta Chapter
Diana Crossley, Gamma Theta Chapter
Katherine Dahlenburg, Theta Chapter
Tracy Davison-DiCanto, Theta Eta Chapter
Michele Dominiak, Theta Theta Chapter
Pamela Downey, Theta Chapter
Tina Downey, Gamma Xi Chapter
Kara Dress, Kappa Chapter
Kym Eedy, Gamma Gamma Chapter
Christine Fillmore, Beta Chapter
Gretta Flynn, Gamma Xi Chapter
Andrea Fogle Park, Epsilon Chi Chapter
Breny Garcia, Delta Kappa Chapter
Shari Gobioff, Beta Nu Chapter
Renee Gracey, Delta Beta Chapter
Lynn Gross, Delta Theta Chapter
Lia Ham, Epsilon Beta Chapter
Katie Herschede, Gamma Tau Chapter
Kim Hildred, Gamma Epsilon Chapter
Heather Kelley, Beta Psi Chapter
Deborah Klein, Theta Chapter
Tracy Koch, Epsilon Alpha Chapter
Raquel Kwiatek, Gamma Gamma Chapter
Wendy Lau, Theta Upsilon Chapter
Rebecca Lawrence, Iota Kappa Chapter
Kim Lewis, Theta Chi Chapter
Arlen Magy, Beta Lambda Chapter
Aggie Malter, Gamma Xi Chapter
Kristin Marciw, Zeta Omega Chapter
Shannon McCabe, Iota Zeta Chapter
Catherine McTigue, Gamma Nu Chapter
Samantha Morse, Iota Zeta Chapter
Lauren Muffs, Gamma Zeta Chapter
Erin Patterson, Epsilon Delta Chapter
Lauren Powelson, Xi Chapter
Scott Reikofski, Sigma Omega Chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity
Donna Retzlaff-Roberts, Theta Chapter
Gayle Riquier, Delta Omega Chapter
Elizabeth Rodriguez, Beta Theta Chapter
Rebecca Sammon, Xi Chapter
Alicia Scott, Beta Psi Chapter
Chris Senseney, Gamma Delta Chapter
Judith L. Slater, Gamma Nu Chapter
Mary Lou Sterge, Gamma Xi Chapter
Tess Stovall, Kappa Chapter
Heather Timer, Gamma Xi Chapter
Dana Vandecoevering, Delta Delta Chapter
Katie Vlietstra Wonnenberg, Epsilon Delta Chapter
Karin Walker, Epsilon Lambda Chapter
Sharon Weldon, Gamma Nu Chapter
Megan Williams, Iota Epsilon Chapter
Jen Wilson, Delta Delta Chapter
Cara Wood, Kappa Chapter
Laurie Wright Salsbury, Theta Chapter
Vanessa Zerhusen, Theta Rho Chapter
Christina Zwerenz, Zeta Psi Chapter




2015 Founders' Day $19.13 Loyalty Club Donors

Our collegiate sisters can join the $19.13 Loyalty Club with their own gift of $19.13.

$19.13 Loyalty Club Benefits

Jessie Drews, Epsilon Delta Chapter
Kyndel Drouillard, Delta Epsilon Chapter*
Lauren Fearnow, Iota Epsilon Chapter
Tricia Hayes, Iota Epsilon Chapter
Emily Jepsen, Theta Chi Chapter
Olivia Laux, Theta Psi Chapter
Haley Martinez, Iota Alpha Chapter
Stephanie McClain, Delta Theta Chapter
Hannah Mount, Gamma Tau Chapter
Morgan Ritthaler, Theta Alpha Chapter
Heather Anne Speer, Iota Alpha Chapter
Leah Walton, Iota Alpha Chapter
Harmony Ward, Theta Psi Chapter