What does Phi Sigma Sigma's sisterhood mean to our sisters?

"Phi Sigma Sigma sisterhood means always being surrounded by people who will not only celebrate your accomplishments but also be there for you when you need them." - Skylar Chevatewa, Fall 2016 Class

"Joining a sorority has made a wonderful impact on my life. I have met my soulmates and have learned so much about myself. Phi Sigma Sigma has given me so many opportunities to learn and grow. My sisters have been my biggest support system. My sisters push me to aim high and do better. My sisters make me laugh when I cry. My sisters give me hugs that assure me everything will be better. I have found my home in Phi Sigma Sigma because home is where the heart is."
- Victoria Franso, Fall 2012 Class

"Phi Sigma Sigma sisterhood to me means never having to worry about anyone judging you because you are always accepted for who you are. It also means knowing that through thick and thin you'll always have someone on your side." - Tracey Stewart, Fall 2014 Class

"The sisterhood of Phi Sigma Sigma is a family where every sister can come together to be themselves, to help each other, to bring each other up when you're down. The sisterhood of Phi Sigma Sigma is an unbreakable bond that is shared between hardworking, loving, and dedicated ladies." - Hannah Larson, Fall 2015 Class



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"Once a Phi Sigma Sigma, Always a Phi Sigma Sigma"