Father's Capping, Mother's Pinning, and Scholarship Banquet
This is an annual ceremony where we invite our parents and loved ones to attend one of our weekly meetings. Sisters are given an award for "aiming high" in their academics. We also "cap" our fathers and "pin" our mothers. Since Phi Sigma Sigma is a big part of our college career, we want to welcome parents into our sorority as well so you can get a glimpse of what we do every week and why our sorority means so much to us.

Mother Daughter Tea
We spend an afternoon showing appreciation for the women who have influenced us the most. We would not be who we are today without the moms, aunts, and grandmas in our lives who have practically taught us everything that we know. It is a wonderful gathering where a big group of women snack on some homemade goodies, drink some tea, mingle, and bond with your daughter.



Parents, do you have any questions or concerns? Visit
Or feel free to contact our President, Angelica, or Chapter Advisor, Robin.