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A Phi Sigma Sigma Angel Lives On

By Cassandra Egan posted 04-08-2014 18:14


Phi Sigma Sigma member Nereyda "Neddie" Iniguez influences the lives of many people around her with her positive spirit, love of life and her continued support of Phi Sigma Sigma. Unfortunately, I have never met Neddie, but I know all of these wonderful qualities because of the love shown through sisters who did know Neddie.

Neddie Iniguez died in 2005 of leukemia as a junior at the University of La Verne, but most importantly, as a beloved member of Phi Sigma Sigma.

Neddie discovered the leukemia when she was a senior in high school. From there she went through several chemotherapy sessions and several remissions. During those cancer-free days, Neddie lived her life to the fullest by joining Greek life and studying abroad. She was studying abroad in Australia when she got really sick and was forced to fly back.

This was when Neddie decided to forgo another round of treatments for the leukemia.

Neddie’s influence continues as every sister in the Theta Upsilon Chapter of Phi Sigma Sigma learns to appreciate life that much more because of her. We honor her life and always keep her close to our hearts as we raise funds for the Neddie Memorial Scholarship so another sister could continue life in college and Greek life.

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10-06-2014 11:18

i cannot understand any type of cancer......may she rip