Redefining Sorority

By Cassandra Egan posted 03-31-2014 22:10


Explosions of glitter, absurd hazing rituals, and paying for friends are some of the very untrue stereotypes of a sorority… Well, except maybe the explosions of glitter. Trust me, glitter never goes away after recruitment. Besides the excess amounts of glitter and crafting, most people don’t immediately think of philanthropy as a major part of being in a sorority. Most people also don’t think of Phi Sigma Sigma or any sorority as a non-profit organization that helps foster young women into world-changing leaders that continue to promote the timeless values of leadership through service, lifelong learning and inclusiveness.

I volunteered in high school, but never anything that I was truly passionate about like these Phi Sig women were expressing about the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation during recruitment.

When entering Phi Sigma Sigma as a sophomore, I was told about the many philanthropy events and contributions the Theta Upsilon Chapter makes every year, but I didn’t really understand what “philanthropy” even meant at the time. I was joining a sorority for many different reasons, but their philanthropy involvement was probably at the bottom of my list when choosing a sorority.

As a senior in Phi Sigma Sigma, I now understand the passion those young women once explained to me three years ago. One of the first things we learn about Phi Sigma Sigma is the twin ideals of promoting the brotherhood of man and alleviation of the world's pain. Every time we host an event to raise money for the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation which benefits school and college readiness, volunteer at a local church or school, or even join an alumna’s March of Dimes team, we try to remember our twin ideals and our core values.

We try to remember that the reason behind recruitment and being a part of Phi Sigma Sigma is not the explosions of glitter, but that we are trying to continue Phi Sigma Sigma’s legacy as a philanthropic and social organization that will ignite positive change in the world.




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