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My Little Sapphires

By Cassandra Egan posted 03-31-2014 22:09


A sapphire is the person that will be forever around you and will refuse to leave… ever, but we never really want them too anyways. Sapphires help better each other and become lifelong soul mates, which I know sounds really cheesy, but you haven’t met my sapphires.

I met one of my two little sapphires last year, and Nina is one the sweetest people I know. Her heart is filled with love and is constantly thinking of others before herself. She has taught me so many things about becoming a better person and always trying to be positive. She is truly my better half, and I only hope that I have helped her half as much as Nina has helped me. She is part of the reason why I decided to get another little sapphire. I love being a mentor, but I also wanted my little sapphire to have someone to connect with after I graduate this year.

I was privileged to get another little sapphire, Sami, and I absolutely love her already. My new little sapphire is pretty amazing and will be a perfect addition to my sapphire family. Although I have only known her for a short amount of time, I know that she is a strong, confident woman. I can’t wait to get to know her even more and to see all the things she accomplishes in life.

Sapphires are all about learning and love, which should be a constant in life. Phi Sigma Sigma provided me with my sorority family, and I am so blessed to have each and every one of them in my life. Sapphires are truly a treasure that is possible to find in Phi Sigma Sigma.