Why Join Phi Sigma Sigma?

Phi Sigma Sigma’s mission is to inspire the personal development of each member and perpetuate the advancement of womanhood. Hence, we believe in creating an environment for our members that fosters friendship and offers a variety of experiences and directives to enrich their lives. We accomplish this goal by maintaining:

Sound Core Values

Sharing values, lifelong friendships, and belonging to a sisterhood truly defines the Phi Sigma Sigma experience. Our six virtues — Friendship, Faith, Integrity, Sincerity, Love, and Strength — distinguish Phi Sigma Sigma, unite us in our activities, and become ingrained in the character of our aspiring women. We embrace these values when we recruit new members, as we help our women chart the course of their college experience, and as they make decisions about career, family, and community involvement.

"Our core values keep me centered and guide me every day. Sharing them with my sisters makes them an even more powerful force in my life."
— Lisa Daly, Zeta Xi, Canisius College

Structured Member Development

Based on our virtues, our programming is designed to meet the lifestyle of today’s college woman, encourage academic achievement, and provide the means for personal growth.

We had a lot of fun putting together Fraternity education events. Our sisters really enjoyed this approach versus taking a Fraternity education exam. I don’t see the other sororities doing this — it’s really thinking out of the box.”  — Ada Badgley, Theta Eta, Rider University 

"Reflections has given a whole new meaning to my sorority experience. It’s clear to me now how our core values are integrated into my daily life and how these values will always be a part of me."
— Gina Rende, Gamma Psi, Western Maryland College

"Chapter Excellence has motivated us to become the best we can be. It’s made us think about the women we want to attract to our chapter, and the chapter we want to be for these women. We have always been successful through formal recruitment, however, Vision has enabled us to keep the motivation strong long after initiation. The program has also taught us to recruit women who appreciate our core values, and who are as excited about becoming Phi Sigs as we are excited about being sisters.” 
— Jessica Brown, Gamma Iota, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Membership in a national sorority like Phi Sigma Sigma is supported through a system of resources. This includes support from staff at Headquarters as well as dedicated advisors and alumnae volunteers who assist sisters with academics and personal challenges, national programs and chapter administrative functions. After graduation, local alumnae groups ensure that wherever a Phi Sigma Sigma moves she will have a network of sisters to rely on.

Opportunity and Recognition

Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate studies are available to members through the support of the Phi Sigma Sigma Foundation. In addition, Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) scholarships are offered to members desiring to further their leadership potential.

The accomplishments of our chapters and individual members are recognized at Convention and Leadership Training School. We believe in acknowledging achievement as our sisters strive to aim high and uphold Phi Sigma Sigma’s goals and values.

Phi Sigma Sigmas are exposed to a wealth of opportunities for building leadership, management, financial, and organizational skills. Members can assume leadership positions in local chapters, and take part in national and regional workshops and national conferences such as Convention and Leadership Conferences. Following graduation, Phi Sigma Sigmas confidently enter the real world, realize their dreams, and become active and leading members of their communities.

Being a Phi Sig and later a national volunteer has shaped me into the woman I am today. Phi Sigma Sigma offered me values and provided me with life experiences that have helped me to make difficult decisions in my career and personal life. It’s those experiences that enable us to grow and mature. I’m not sure I couldn’t have learned the same lessons anywhere else.” — Anne-Therese Densk, Delta Omega, Pace University


Sisterhood is the lifeline for Phi Sigma Sigmas. We hear it everyday...

"I’ll never forget the meaning of sisterhood. When I donated my kidney to my half brother, the support from my Phi Sig sisters was amazing. They were always there to hold my hand, and I know they are always there for me in spirit, wherever I am, whatever I am doing."
— Megan Hawes, Epsilon Beta, Ferris State University

Sharing friendship, caring about each other, and always knowing you can find someone who understands your college experience — that is what sisterhood is really about.” — Marianne Cohen, Delta Beta, University of Rochester

Even in the bleakest of times, when failure might seem just a step away, I know I can look up into the heavens and be assured that my Phi Sig sisters, as steadfast as the stars in the sky, will be there to guide my way home.” — Dawn Kusinski, Pi, Syracuse University

I will always treasure the lessons I have learned about serving others from my Phi Sig sisters.”  — Caryn Hefter Jacquish, Epsilon Theta, Montclair State University

My Phi Sig sisters and I share everything, and it’s reassuring to know that no matter where I go or what I do, I know I’ll have a sister somewhere nearby.”  — Jaime Wright, Epsilon Phi, Radford University

Non-Sectarian Ritual

Phi Sigma Sigma is passionate about sharing individuality. Religion, cultural beliefs, and traditions are openly accepted throughout all of our chapters. We welcome women of all religious backgrounds and customs. No member of Phi Sigma Sigma will ever have to feel uncomfortable participating in our rituals because they are not based on scripture from any religion. Instead, Phi Sigma Sigma celebrates the qualities that make each sister unique while uniting all members through common ritual.

Every Passover I’m invited to go to my sorority sister’s home, and she brings her family over to our house for Easter. During the winter holidays we all go to another sister’s home nearby to share some Christmas cheer. We all practice different religions, but we’ve come to celebrate our differences because we share the same values and moral fiber.”   — Linda Beavin, Beta Rho, Drexel University