In many ways, Phi Sigma Sigma is quite different than is was 20, 10 or even five years ago. But our enduring ideals and goals remain the same. As an alumna, you have a unique opportunity to share your experience, time and talents to help young women and make a difference in the world.

Hundreds of sisters volunteer for Phi Sigma Sigma on the international and local level. Volunteer commitment can range from a several hours a week to something even more challenging. Whether you advise a collegiate chapter, serve on a local housing corporation, or help on an international committee, you will gain as much as you give, if not more. Every Phi Sigma Sigma can make a difference.

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IMPORTANT: Please read the Aim High Volunteer Commitment before applying for or accepting any volunteer position within the Fraternity. This commitment is our pledge to you to provide the support you need to succeed as a volunteer, and it explains the expectations that the Fraternity has of our volunteers to make Phi Sigma Sigma the best it can be.

Why volunteer?

Sometimes it's best to let experience speak for itself...

Volunteering with Phi Sigma Sigma helps me continue the great experience I had as a collegian. It is my hope that I can contribute to making the current Phi Sigma Sigma collegiate experience even better than mine.
~ Tracy Koch, Epsilon Alpha – Illinois State University 

Volunteering for Phi Sigma Sigma is a way to give back to Phi Sigma Sigma. I've been volunteering since I graduated from college and have served in many positions, but I have to say that being an advisor is the best volunteer job there is!
~ Dana Vandecoevering, Delta Delta – Linfield College

I volunteer for Phi Sigma Sigma because I believe that we provide a much-needed opportunity for college women to develop their leadership skills in a safe environment. The ability to provide this opportunity in the future rests in our hands as alumnae. I volunteer to do my part to assure that Phi Sigma Sigma is there for future generations.
~ Sandy Grossman, Gamma Nu - Rutgers University-New Brunswick

I give my time and commitment to Phi Sigma Sigma because it has given me so much: sisterhood, lifelong friends, the ability to grow and learn as a person, and the opportunity to lead and follow great women.
~ Darcy Burke, Beta Omega – Portland State University