Reflections is a lifelong program that challenges each and every Phi Sigma Sigma sister to live our core values from the moment she associates with our Fraternity. It motivates sisters to continually reflect and build upon our core values semester after semester as a collegian, building a foundation for living the core values year after year as an alumna.

The cornerstone of the Reflections program is the individual member manual. This manual inspires thought and action through questions for reflection and goal setting exercises. Each sister takes time to reflect upon the lessons that this program teaches and considers how she can work to better incorporate those lessons into her daily life. Each chapter uses Reflections as the foundation for its calendar and programming, and chapter sisters are encouraged to reflect upon the program materials on a regular basis.

Reflections guides new members through the fundamental stages of the sorority and college experience. The program provides the resources that promote a strong commitment to academics, illustrates how new members can embrace the differences that make each sister unique, and encourages new members to learn the importance of serving others. The manual presents methods for obtaining support during scholastic challenges, for interacting with a diverse mix of women, and for participating in meaningful community service activities. As a new member realizes the vision of our organization, she grows with her chapter as it works concurrently to reach tangible goals consistent with our core values. 

The Reflections program also supports initiated members through subsequent stages of personal growth and the demands these college years can present. At this point, members work with the chapter to act in accordance with the core values they are incorporating daily via their manual. Strategies for setting high standards for academic achievement and chapter excellence are stressed, while the program also advocates specific actions that will create a truly inclusive membership. In addition, collegians will actively participate in meaningful philanthropic endeavors and direct service exchanges that help them to build leadership skills.