Phi Sigma Sigma sisters are lawyers, journalists, psychologists, educators and doctors. They are businesswomen, politicians, mothers, philanthropists and engineers. They realize their dreams, are active members of their communities and serve as leaders of society. 

Phi Sigma Sigma collegiate membership provides the foundation for future success. Collegians develop their skills through a variety of experiences, including:

  • Holding an office
  • Planning events
  • Serving others
  • Cultivating relationships
  • Attending international and regional conclaves

In addition, all sisters learn time management and fiscal responsibility.

Our international programs focus on the personal development of each sister and foster a commitment to excellence. These programs are based on three core values that define Phi Sigma Sigma: commitment to lifelong learning, inclusiveness and leadership through service.

Our Core Values

Our core values distinguish Phi Sigma Sigma, unite us in our endeavors and become ingrained in our character. We live our core values when we recruit new members, as we chart the course of our college experience, and as we make decisions about career, family, and community involvement. Phi Sigma Sigma's core values are the basis for both our membership recruitment (Vision) and member development (Reflections) programs.

Lifelong Learning
As new members, as collegiate members and as alumnae, learning is a priority and we encourage our sisters to make the most of educational opportunities at our colleges and in our communities. Through education and challenging ourselves to reach new goals, we become women of influence and substance.

An inclusive sisterhood prepares its members for a world filled with diversity. By embracing our differences, we become a stronger organization that benefits not only our members, but those around us. We seek out and include women of various races, cultures, levels of ability, socioeconomic origin, backgrounds and perspectives.

Leadership through Service
Phi Sigma Sigma believes that a woman who serves is also a woman who leads. By serving others, our members become more valuable citizens, students, parents, workers and community leaders